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The Institute identifies corporate supporters to reduce both the time and the costs of setting up a high tech business. Local partners are currently being recruited for this semester.

Startup Research

Fall 2010 Singapore Semester

What market are you pursuing? Is the target market big enough? Is it growing or shrinking? What are the other characteristics of your market, and why do you care? How do you find data on your market? How do you define your competitors? What are inexpensive tactics to do custom market research, such as surveys? How can you determine if you can win in your target market, and when do you decide to walk away?

Identify your target market.
2012-05-29, 07:00 PM


Meng Weng Wong
Director, JFDI.Asia

Meng Weng WONG is a serial entrepreneur. In 1994 he founded, an email services company. In 2003 he led the group that designed the Sender Policy Framework standard (RFC4408) which was later embraced and extended by Microsoft. In 2005 he co-founded Karmasphere, a...

Benjamin Joffe
Founder & CEO, Plus Eight Star

As CEO of the Asia-based digital strategy consultancy +8* | Plus Eight Star ( , he works with clients such as Microsoft, Adidas, Nokia, China Mobile, Harvard Business School, the European Commission as well as media companies and startups worldwide to br...

Jereme Wong
COO, clickTRUE Pte Ltd

Jereme Wong is the Chief Operating Officer of clickTRUE Pte Ltd. Nominated by Marketing Magazine Singapore as the top 25 rising stars from Singapore's marketing, advertising and media community, he is a strong advocate for digital marketing and measurements. Prior...

Alex Marquez
Founder, Propeller Fish

Alex is the founder of Propeller Fish, a Singapore based company which helps clients develop opportunities around new brand, products, and services globally. Over a 10 year career in innovation and strategy, Alex has developed growth opportunities for some of the world’s ...

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