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Startup Legal and IP

Belgium Autumn 2012 Semester

What does a new Founder need to know about law in order to run a successful startup? When should a Founder use a lawyer, and when should you rely on your own work? What are the key terms in contracts to understand and to avoid? What are common legal mistakes? How should a Founder handle their intellectual property, including confidentiality, copyrights, trademarks and patents? What are common intellectual property problems, and how do you deal with them cost effectively?

Build a legal and IP strategy.
2012-12-13, 06:30 PM


Diederik Stols
Partner, Boekx Advocaten

Diederik Stols is seasoned FI mentor and a partner at Boekx Advocaten, a law firm dedicated to media and intellectual property, based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Diederik’s practice has a focus on new media, traditional media, fast moving consumer goods and cultural in...

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