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WeirFoulds advises Canadian entrepreneurs and high-growth companies on all facets of corporate law. We help our clients achieve their goals, from initial structuring of their business to advising them on securing financing through a variety of sources including venture capital and private equity funds, to subsequent exits through public offerings, private placements, and mergers and acquisitions.


Richter is a strategic accounting, business advisory, and financial consulting firm. We are at the forefront of the Toronto and Montreal business communities, supporting dynamic enterprises and emerging companies in their drive to succeed. 



Girls in Tech is a global social network, focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of like-minded, intelligent and influential women in technology.


Sales and Traction

Toronto Summer 2014 Semester

How do you identify and close your very first paying customers? What are best practices to charge these first paying customers? Should you charge more or less in the beginning? How do you develop a sales funnel or conversion funnel? What are some best practices to track leads and sales? How do you hustle leads and close the first sales, whether business licenses or consumer subscriptions? How do you develop a culture of sales and generating revenues in the early days of a new company?

Start generating traction.
2014-09-22, 06:30 PM


Andrew D'Souza
Founder and CEO, Clearbanc

Andrew is Founder and CEO of Clearbanc, a new banking and financial services company aimed at millennials and those who earn their living in the "gig economy". Andrew is a former President of Bionym, makers of the Nymi, the heartwave-sensing wearable device for authentica...

Heather Payne
CEO, HackerYou

Heather Payne is the CEO of HackerYou, Canada's original programming bootcamp and to date, the only one of dozens around North America that is run by a woman. Heather also operates a 7000-square foot digital literacy education facility in the heart of downtown Toronto cal...

Sanjay Singhal
Co-Founder and CEO,

Sanjay is the co-founder and CEO of He currently or previously acted as the CEO, COO or CMO of a number of related companies. Before getting into the audiobooks business, he was the VP Sales of Mpathix Inc, and the Canadian Sales Manager of Scientific Atla...

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