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Sales and Traction

Barcelona Autumn 2014 Semester

How do you identify and close your very first paying customers? What are best practices to charge these first paying customers? Should you charge more or less in the beginning? How do you develop a sales funnel or conversion funnel? What are some best practices to track leads and sales? How do you hustle leads and close the first sales, whether business licenses or consumer subscriptions? How do you develop a culture of sales and generating revenues in the early days of a new company?

Start generating traction.
2015-02-10, 06:30 PM


Ricard Bonastre
Co-Founder & CEO, Lead Ratings

Ricard es licenciado en Filosofía por la UB y tiene un MBA en la Salle-URL. Comenzó a trabajar como Director de Fihoca hasta incorporarse como Gerente de la Escuela Universitària Politecnica de Mataro en el 2001. En el 2006 asume la Dirección General del Parque tecnoló...

David Gonzalez Castro
Founder & CEO, RED ARBOR

David González Castro es un emprendedor e inversor en negocios de Internet, cofundador de Anuntis (,,, compañía líder en webs para comprar y vender, fundador de Infojobs en Brasil, y fundador de Red Arbor. En 1997 fue uno de los pion...

Pablo Szefner
Founder & CEO, The Fab Shoes

Pablo holds a Bachelor degree in Hospitality Management from the Institut Vatel Paris as well as an MBA in Tourism & Finance from ESSEC Business School. He started his career as Merchant Product Manager for Expedia. In less than two years he was assigned the Head of Prod...

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