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Revenues, Costs and Profits

Rijeka Summer 2013 Semester

How do you plan to make money? How do you build a financial model? What are the types of expenses, such as fixed expenses and costs of goods sold, and how do they scale? How do you know if your model is right? What do angel investors and venture capitalists expect from your financial model? How do you identify the key metrics for your success?

Build a financial model.
2013-06-20, 06:00 PM


Srdjan (Serge) Loncar
CEO Founding President, CareSpeak Communications

Serge started CareSpeak in 2006 guided with the belief that the mobile phone, as the most personal accessory, will play an increasingly important role in managing ones health. Prior to starting CareSpeak Serge was the President of Songbird Hearing, the manufacturer and ma...

Tomislav Šekerija
CEO & Founder, Setom

Tomislav is owner and managing director at real estate investment company Setom Ltd. He hold Master of Electrical Engineering from the University of Zagreb, and Master in Business Administration from the IE Business School in Madrid. Prior to starting his own company he...

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