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Ruta N es una corporación creada por la alcaldía de Medellín, UNE y EPM para promover el desarrollo de negocios innovadores basados en tecnología, que incrementen la competitividad de la ciudad y de la región.

Para conocer más sobre el trabajo que realiza, su razón de ser, sus principios y algunos de sus programas y proyectos, lo invitamos a navegar la siguiente multimedia que explica en detalle todos los aspectos importantes que son la base de este proyecto de ciudad. 

Revenues, Costs and Profits

Medellin Summer 2013 Semester

How do you plan to make money? How do you build a financial model? What are the types of expenses, such as fixed expenses and costs of goods sold, and how do they scale? How do you know if your model is right? What do angel investors and venture capitalists expect from your financial model? How do you identify the key metrics for your success?

Build a financial model.
2013-07-23, 06:30 PM


Michael Puscar
Founder, Grupo Internacional de Technología de Punta

Michael Puscar is a lifelong technology enthusiast, entrepreneur and investor who built his career in assisting early-stage companies to develop software products, and bring them quickly to market. He is the founder of GITP SA, an investment firm whose investments includ...

Dan Gertsacov
Dan Gertsacov - CEO, Americas Region (Bogota FI)

Dan Gertsacov, CEO, Americas Region, Lenddo -- the world’s first online platform that empowers the emerging middle class to use their online social connections to build their creditworthiness and access local financial services. 5 year Google veteran, where his last ro...

Conrad Egusa
Founder, Brownstein & Egusa

Conrad Egusa is the CEO of Publicize and he is a Guest Contributor to TechCrunch. He earlier was a writer for VentureBeat and had founded an angel-investor backed startup in Silicon Valley. Conrad has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, The Financial Times, and Te...

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