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Revenues, Costs and Profits

Croatia Autumn 2012 Semester

How do you plan to make money? How do you build a financial model? What are the types of expenses, such as fixed expenses and costs of goods sold, and how do they scale? How do you know if your model is right? What do angel investors and venture capitalists expect from your financial model? How do you identify the key metrics for your success?

Build a financial model.
2012-11-29, 06:00 PM


Luka Abrus
CEO, Five Minutes Ltd.

Luka is CEO at Five Minutes, mobile and web development company, with a 80 people team. Five Minutes is based in Croatia with a presence in New York, and 98% of its income generates from exporting software development services. He is a member of the board and ex-president...

Kresimir Delac
Owner, Simulus Grupa

Kresimir Delac, PhD, is a co-owner and CEO of a consulting company Simulus group, Ltd., and has successfully helped develop a strategy for several start-up companies. Kresimir is frequently engaged by financial institutions and investors to assess the viability of new ven...

Davor Tremac
Founder & CEO, Uber Croatia

Davor is currently the CEO of Uber Croatia. He was also the founder and CEO of Privon, a private club e-commerce startup, based in Croatia. Prior to launching Privon, Davor specialized in merger management, restructuring, operational efficiency increase and turnarounds a...

Dino Bendekovic
Senior Director, William George Group - Europe

Dino is an experienced investor and investment professional with extensive background in emerging markets private equity/venture capital and corporate finance. He's a founder and managing partner at Interfokus Advisors, a Southeast Europe based investment services firm fo...

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