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Revenues, Costs and Profits

Summer 2011 Colombia Semester

How do you plan to make money? How do you build a financial model? What are the types of expenses, such as fixed expenses and costs of goods sold, and how do they scale? How do you know if your model is right? What do angel investors and venture capitalists expect from your financial model? How do you identify the key metrics for your success?

Build a financial model.
2011-06-07, 06:30 PM


Camilo Gómez
CEO & Founder, SnappyGo

Camilo Gómez, CEO & Co-Founder at (Online market place for travel advice) Previously Co-founded: (Main online travel agency for taylor made tours to Colombia) Previously worked as Banker at Citibank Colombia handling Telecom, Retail and ...

Ranjith Kumaran
Founder, PunchTab

Ranjith Kumaran is the Founder of PunchTab, a next-generation loyalty and rewards company that allows users to reward-enable their businesses, websites, blogs and mobile applications. Previously Ranjith founded YouSendIt, the world's leading digital file delivery service...

Hans Christian Boehlke
Commercial Director,

Hans Christian Boehlke Commercial Director celumania and Companies founded:; 1994 1995; 1999; 2004; esmoviles 2005 (in 13 countries), 2009 Industrial Engineer from Universidad de losAn...

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