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Revenue Models

Barcelona Autumn 2014 Semester

How do you build a revenue model for your idea? What are viable revenue models to pursue? How do you identify ideal customers for a revenue model? What are some common problems with popular revenue models? Are there tips or tricks with different revenue models? How do you determine revenue drivers in your model? What do you need to know to finish a model? How do you choose between multiple revenue models and multiple ideas?

Chose an idea and a model.
2014-12-02, 06:30 PM


Frederic Llordachs I Marques
Co-founder, partner & Global Business Development Manager, Doctoralia

Frederic studied Medicine and Surgery at the university Rovira i Virgili and completed his studies with an MBA in Management at ESADE Business School. He started working as Product Manager in AXA, followed by Sanofi, before becoming the Barcelona & Girona Medical Manager...

Francesc Saldaña
Founder & CEO,

Francesc Saldaña is founder and CEO of Experienzia (M&A and financial consultancy), Optimiza (SCR and diversity consultancy), Maximiza (Marketing and sales), and General Manager at DisCert España. Francesc supervises business projects at ESADE Buiness School for more th...

Axel Serena
Founder & CEO, Alva House

Axel started in Internet and Telecommunications in 1989. He was one of the founders of Intercom (Softonic, Infojobs..etc.) Andornet (first Andorran ISP) and Ad Pepper Media, a paneuropean online advertising network. In 2000 he was hired as the Chief Marketing and Sales...

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