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Revenue Models

Atlanta Winter 2013 Semester

How do you build a revenue model for your idea? What are viable revenue models to pursue? How do you identify ideal customers for a revenue model? What are some common problems with popular revenue models? Are there tips or tricks with different revenue models? How do you determine revenue drivers in your model? What do you need to know to finish a model? How do you choose between multiple revenue models and multiple ideas?

Chose an idea and a model.
2014-01-21, 06:30 PM


George Mashini
CEO, Catavolt

George has been in the enterprise applications field for the last 12 years in a variety of roles ranging from development, project management, professional services, marketing and executive management. As CEO of Catavolt, George is leading a larger trend of integrating n...

Corregan Brown
Cofounder, ProjectLocker

After various consulting and consulting management roles for systems integrators and software companies, Corregan cofounded One Percent Software, where we created ProjectLocker ( as a software quality tool to help organizations in the IT consu...

Rob Frohwein
CEO, Kabbage

Rob founded Kabbage to get small businesses capital quickly, an area in which banks have long struggled. Kabbage provides financial services, including financing, to small businesses leveraging online channels to collect data and underwrite risk. Rob has guided Kabbage th...

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