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Research and Customer Development

Bangalore Summer 2014 Semester

What research can you do to validate or to kill an idea? Does the market that you choose matter? What are good markets, and what are bad markets? Do competitors matter and why? How do you define your competitive landscape? How do you determine the key assumptions of your business? Can key assumptions be tested? What are tactics to test key assumptions when you just have an idea? How do you identify and interview potential customers? What are some tactics for effective surveying?

Test your ideas with research.
2014-06-25, 06:30 PM


Shekhar Kirani
Partner, Accel Partners

Shekhar is a Partner at Accel India, where he focuses on Internet, mobile, and technology-enabled businesses. Shekhar has been an active angel investor in Bangalore since 2007, and has advised several early stage startups in and around Bangalore. Before joining Accel, She...

Syed Shujauddin
Co-Founder & Director Operations, Koan Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Syed Shujauddin, co-founder at Koan Digital Solutions Pvt Ltd, a social media branding agency based out of Bangalore and serving national brands in India. I am also strategically involved with 2 other start up in a strategic capacity - one is the education space and anoth...

Rajeev Pathak

Rajeev Pathak currently runs eDreams Edusoft, a disruptive technology product startup for education industry. The company has been co-founded with other fellow members from IITs/IIMs who have significant track record of creating new businesses/products. 1. 2013 - Among...

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