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Research and Customer Development

Mexico City Spring 2014 Semester

What research can you do to validate or to kill an idea? Does the market that you choose matter? What are good markets, and what are bad markets? Do competitors matter and why? How do you define your competitive landscape? How do you determine the key assumptions of your business? Can key assumptions be tested? What are tactics to test key assumptions when you just have an idea? How do you identify and interview potential customers? What are some tactics for effective surveying?

Test your ideas with research.
2014-06-11, 07:00 PM


Julio Soto
Julio Soto, Google

Soy parte del equipo que está implementando “Google Business Group Program” y "Google Students Ambassador Program" en LATAM construyendo relaciones con comunidades offline, posicionamiento de marca y relaciones públicas. Como Social Media Community Manager administre los...

Rodrigo Arévalo
General Manager, Uber Technologies, Inc.

Soy General Manager en México de Uber Technologies, Inc. donde me toca hacer prácticamente de todo, desde ser chofer de Uber hasta Agente de Servicio al cliente. Antes de Uber, fui Director de Marketing Digital para Rocket Internet en Latinoamérica. Emprendedor fallido, ...

David Geisen
CEO, Dafiti Mexico

Co-founder and CEO of Dafiti Mexico, the largest online fashion retailer of Latin America. Founded daily deal e-commere clickOnero and while CEO grew the company into Mexico's largest group buying site; previously worked at Goldman Sachs Investment Banking Division in New...

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