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Research and Customer Development

Munich Autumn 2013 Semester

What research can you do to validate or to kill an idea? Does the market that you choose matter? What are good markets, and what are bad markets? Do competitors matter and why? How do you define your competitive landscape? How do you determine the key assumptions of your business? Can key assumptions be tested? What are tactics to test key assumptions when you just have an idea? How do you identify and interview potential customers? What are some tactics for effective surveying?

Test your ideas with research.
2013-11-26, 06:30 PM


Lorenz Hartung
Co-Founder, ePetWorld

Lorenz Hartung is Co-Founder of ePetWorld, which runs the two online shops and - ePetWorld is the fastest growing vertical shop in the pet industry. In addition he is Venture Scout for Venture Stars, an incubator for internet businesses. Previo...

Andy Goldstein
Executive Director, LMU Entrepreneurship Center

Andy is currently executive director at LMU Entrepreneurship Center having built the it to become a leading Entrepreneurial Teaching and Start up Center in Europe within 5 years.

Joe Betts Lacroix
Co-Founder, OQO

Joe Betts-LaCroix founded OQO, creator of the world’s smallest PC, in 2000, and established the resulting market category of smaller-than-laptop PCs previously called UMPCs, and now called netbooks. He is now immersed in his new startup, Mousera, which is leveraging pre-...

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