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Public Appropriations (öff. Förderung)

Spring 2011 Berlin Semester

Which German and European appropriation programs, stipends and other forms of public funds might be relevant for you? How do you best harness them? Which mistakes should you avoid?

Profit from appropriations/public funds
2011-04-07, 07:00 PM


Daniel Hoepfner
CEO, PressMatrix

Daniel Hoepfner has extensive expertise in the mobile industry, with work experience that includes mobile open source startup Funambol in San Francisco and OC&C Strategy Consultants in Abu Dhabi. He has been a senior executive at VC backed companies such as Funambol (Cal...

Holger G. Weiss
CEO, Aupeo

Holger G. Weiss is currently CEO of AUPEO! - a personal radio and music discovery service with strong relations to connected hardware industry. He has 10+ year track record in managing technology driven companies with focus on consumer centric services. He was with gate5...

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