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Product Development

Berlin Summer 2014 Semester

How do you plan to build a product or offering from the beginning? What are techniques to build a product roadmap? How do you specify what to build? How do you organize resources to build a product? What are strategies to estimate time and costs? What do you track to measure success? How often do you need to see milestones achieved? What are common mistakes when building product? How do you keep product progress ongoing when you have many competing priorities?

Plan to build your offering.
2014-09-25, 06:30 PM


Philipp Clauss
Founder, The Mighty Deer UG

Marius Kraemer
Founder, TennisBuddy

Marius is the co-founder of Tennis Buddy, the "Uber for Tennis", which is an app that enables users find a tennis partner nearby in less than 10 minutes. Having built 30 apps over the past 3 years with reaching over 1000000 users altogether as well, Marius can provide dee...

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