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Product Development

Paris Spring 2013 Semester

How do you get from an idea to an offering? What are strategies to identify and prioritize features? How do you take a product definition and turn it into a development plan? What should comprise a minimum viable product? What are effective strategies to build your first offering? What are common mistakes that you should avoid when planning and building an offering?

Plan and start building your offering.
2013-05-13, 06:30 PM


Nicolas Roux
CEO, Aspectize

Nicolas is CEO and Co-Founder of Aspectize, a software Company, which's vision is to change the way web business applications and software are built. Passionate by the processus of creating value, especially in software field, Nicolas has been successively independant ...

Pierre-Antoine Durgeat
Product Manager, Novacodex

Pierre-Antoine is advising companies through his consulting firm NovaCodex, building on his startup experience and his lean product development approach to ensure efficient design and implementation of technological projects. Prior to Novacodex, Pierre-Antoine has creat...

Eric Moret
Technologist, Palo Alto Networks

Eric is a seasoned manager and technologist in the networking security industry currently working at Palo Alto Networks. Through a series of acquisitions from Infosolv (4 employees), Onesecure Inc. (150 employees) and Netscreen Technologies (900 employees) to Juniper Netw...

Sebastien Sacard
Consultant Product Management

Après avoir été Responsable Technique chez Kelkoo puis Chef de Produit Senior chez Yahoo! pendant 7 ans, Sébastien a été Directeur Produit chez Drimki, puis Directeur Technique chez Myfab. Il a ensuite été co-fondateur de la Startup Advertory en tant que Directeur Techniq...

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