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Startups face a number of unique challenges – from picking the right entity type to finding capital to hiring employees. Let us help you explore some of these legal questions with DGS-UP.

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Our mission is to advance Economic Development in the Rocky Mountain Region by actively connecting investors with the most promising entrepreneurial companies.

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We believe military veterans are hard-wired for innovation and entrepreneurship. We want Colorado to be a place where veterans have pathways to become entrepreneurial and business leaders.

The Colorado Technology Association is the state’s largest and most influential technology organization. Positioned as the voice of over 700 technology companies, CSIA provides a community for the industry through programs, workshops and major events, connecting people and information. Learn more about CSIA here

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Presentation and Publicity

Spring 2010 Denver Area Semester

How do you get the world to take notice of your company? What tools and materials do you need to start doing outreach? How do you identify media to write about your company? What are newsworthy stories? How do you craft a story? What are effective tactics to get social media, blog and press coverage? What tactics should be avoided?

Get the world to take notice.
2010-08-10, 05:30 PM


Michael Kranitz
CEO, Kranitz Media Consulting

Michael Kranitz, CEO - Kranitz Media Consulting. Michael Kranitz is a former lawyer with 11 years of practice in the field of corporate reorganization and bankruptcy. Since 1996, Kranitz has created and sold more than 10 businesses. Kranitz founded in 2005 a...

Bruce Dines
VP&MD, Liberty Global Ventures

Bruce brings over 20 years of technology and telecommunications experience to Liberty Global Ventures. Over half of those years have been spent in earlier stage environments, where Bruce has founded companies and led businesses from concept and model development, through...

Thomas Filippini
Co-founder, Exclusive Resorts

Tom Filippini is an experienced startup co-founder and executive with a proven ability to identify market trends and build companies from the ground up. Tom has specialized in building private equity backed businesses, most recently as co-founder of Denver-based Exclusive...

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