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Universidad Mayor
La Escuela de Postgrado de Facultad de Emprendimiento y Negocios (FEN) de la Universidad Mayor otorga un número limitado de becas preferenciales para los graduados del Founder Institute Chile, con excelentes beneficios desde 35% a 50% de descuento en los Diplomados y Magíster.

StartUp Chile

The S Factory

Outsourcing, Partners and Suppliers

Chile 2012 Semester

What should you outsource, and what do you need to do in-house? How to segment the vendors that you need? What vendors do you need right when you start, and what vendors will you need as you grow? How do you recruit and select the important vendors? What are tips and tricks to manage vendors in order to ensure a consistent level of quality? How do you fire and replace under-performing vendors? What are common mistakes made when dealing with vendors?

Develop a process to select key vendors.
2012-08-02, 06:30 PM


Boris Kraizel

Vanesa Kolodziej
Corporate Venture Capital, Clarin - Grupo Agea

Five-time entrepreneur and VC, with relevant experience in Internet and Venture Capital/ Seed Investment in LatAm, she is GM for the Corp Accelerator/VC initiative at the Argentinean Media Grupo Clarin (Grupo Agea). Previously, he co-founded Nazca Ventures and Palermo Val...

Greg Barton

My name is Greg Barton and I´m the founder and CEO of, Latin America´s leading online business insights service providing daily news, data and analysis on 12 industry sectors like oil and gas, mining, energy, infrastrucuture, banking and tech/telecoms. I am...

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