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Naming and Positioning

Kuala Lumpur Spring 2014 Semester

How do you develop a good name for your business? How do you position the business with a name? What characteristics make a good name? How do you test different name candidates? What infrastructure do you need when you pick your name? Are there tips to finding a good domain name? What social media platforms should you look to get your name on? How do you develop a logo? Does a name really matter?

Name your business.
2014-04-14, 06:30 PM


Jasmine Hor
Founder & Creative Director,

A self-confessed perfectionist who is absolutely particular over the minute details of all her creative ventures. Her deep-rooted passion in conceiving raw concepts into brilliant ideas as a result, has further propelled her into crafting outstanding and distinctive desig...

Peter De Kretser
Co-Founder & COO, GO Communications Group (Asia-Pacific)

Peter has over 10 years Communications experience including a Senior Creative Executive role in J Walter Thompson (Australia). His entrepreneurial background having been involved in three start-up ventures includes Lighthouse Oysters (Singapore) and GO Communications G...

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