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Naming and Branding

Sydney Winter 2013 Semester

What is a brand? Is it you? Is it your vision? How do you determine what you stand for, and then how do you come up with a good company name? What are the characteristics of a good company name? What do you need to do to protect your name?

Name and brand your business.
2013-04-10, 08:30 AM


Garry Visontay
General Partner, Sydney Seed Fund

Garry is an Australian entrepreneur with 30 years of local and international business experience. He has successfully started 5 businesses in a variety of industries as well as having spent over a decade as a Regional IT executive with consumer products giant Procter and ...

Phil Morle
Phil Morle - Director, Pollenizer (Perth FI) , Pollenizer

Phil Morle is the CEO and co-founder of Pollenizer. Founded in 2008, Pollenizer is a Sydney based venture builder that incubates new startups and helps some of the worlds biggest companies establish incubation programs using startup science. Before Pollenizer, Phil hel...

Adam Long
Strategist, Step Change Marketing

Adam Long. Marketing Strategist, Step Change Marketing. An industrial designer and marketing strategist, Adam has deployed his skills across the not-for-profit sector, the government, big business and even by starting, and commercialising, his own business. One of Aust...

Ashton Bishop
Head of Strategy, Step Change Marketing

Ashton Bishop is the Head of Strategy at Step Change Marketing. Ashton has 14 years experience in Marketing and Advertising working across Australia and UK in the world's biggest agencies, on the world’s most successful brands. He's now the Robin Hood of Marketing and b...

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