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Naming and Branding

Vietnam 2012 Semester

What is a brand? Is it you? Is it your vision? How do you determine what you stand for, and then how do you come up with a good company name? What are the characteristics of a good company name? What do you need to do to protect your name?

Name and brand your business.
2012-06-05, 06:30 PM


Thanh Nguyen
Founder & CEO,

Thanh Nguyen is a seasoned marketer with rich experiences managing international brands across South East Asia. Her Personal Vision is to become “the most efficient connector” matching millions of professionals in Vietnam with valuable contacts, information and opportunit...

Binh Le Hai
Founder & Chairman, Mat Bao Group

Binh is Founder and Chairman of Mat Bao Group that is the leading network services in Vietnam (

Matt Millard
CEO, Purple Asia

Matt Millard, Purple Asia's CEO has worked on brand strategy, marketing communications, digital marketing and design for international, multinational and Vietnamese businesses over a period of 10 years and across many market sectors. Brands include Johnnie Walker, Kronenb...

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