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Naming and Branding

Fall 2011 Hanoi Semester

What is a brand? Is it you? Is it your vision? How do you determine what you stand for, and then how do you come up with a good company name? What are the characteristics of a good company name? What do you need to do to protect your name?

Name and brand your business.
2011-11-13, 06:30 PM


Hung Dinh
Founder & CEO, Joomlart

Hung Dinh is the Founder of JoomIart. Starting with, HungDinh has stood in the Mambo CMS fan community since the very first days. Foreseeing the split Joomla would go from strength to strength, HungDinh marked his serious dedication to Joomla CMS with estab...

Hieu Nguyen Ngoc
CEO, Skynet Technology Incubator

Hieu is CEO at Skynet Technology Incubator. Before that, he was Digital Media Director of Ringier Vietnam, one of the largest media corporations in Europe. He is also a well-known speaker for many conferences. In 11 years of experience working , he join many online projec...

Minh Cao Cong
PR Director, Co-Founder

Mr. Cao Cong Minh is one of the co-founders of TOPICA Education Group, a dominant provider of high quality online degrees. Currently he is Director of Communications and Director of TOPICA Amazing English Program. He has spearheaded TOPICA's most innovative and entreprene...

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