Mini Fundraising Session + Founder Night Out

Date: 2013-04-25, 06:30 PM
Location: Wayra Chile, Manuel Montt 1404, Piso 5, Santiago
This is an opportunity to experience the Founder Institute, with one of it's top mentors from Angel List: Ash Fontana. He will do a mini-session on Fundraising, so that you can learn how the best do it. And you can learn how the dynamics of the Founder Institute sessions work. After the mini-session, we will host a food meeting we call: Founder Night Out. It's a unique opportunity to enjoy a collaborative and open environment where you can meet local startup founders and CEOs, discuss your ideas, ask questions, and learn about the Founder Institute. Many past Founder Institute Graduates will be in attendance, along with the local Director and some prestigious local technology CEOs. Join us for drinks and some startup networking!


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