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Mentor Progress Review

Paris Autumn 2014 Semester

How do you present the business entering the last few weeks of the program? Is the presentation compelling? Can the business scale? How viable is the financial model? Is the plan to build the business realistic? Is the product or offering planned out well? Can the business generate revenue? What needs to be improved for the business to be successful?

Present your progress for feedback.
2014-12-02, 06:30 PM


Maximilien Oursel
Partner, Pléiade Venture

Maximilien OURSEL has been Venture Capitalist since 1999 at Seeft and Pléiade Venture. He has invested in such successful companies as Adomos, Fimasys,, or smartTrade. Before that he was an Analyst for a financial IT Asset Management firm and a Corp...

Eric Kalfon
MD, Strategic Value Partners

Eric Kalfon, 50, is a managing director focusing on Continental European business development at Strategic Value Partners. He is a founding member of D- Incubator, the incubator of Dauphine University (Paris, France); he is a “ARE” member (French Turnaround association) ...

Cédric Naintré
Founder, Range-Moi

Founder at Range-Moi. The company allows people living in London and Paris to multiply storage space in their apartments using a smartphone to order boxes, fill them with their seasonal belongings, store them away or recall them without leaving home. Co-founder of the thi...

Odile Vaicbourdt
COO, Palico

Odile is worldwide head of Palico's operations. She has over 20 years’ experience developing online businesses in industries ranging from finance to gaming. Before joining Palico, Odile created, managed and developed several companies, either as founder, CEO or senior exe...

Yves Peynaud
Entrepreneur & Consultant, YP Consulting

Yves Peynaud is a seasoned consultant helping entrepreneurs to step from innovative vision to market success. Yves has 25 years of expertise in Strategic Marketing, Product Marketing and International Business Development of innovative companies. Yves has developed ov...

Alexandre Steiner
Managing Partner, OiO Ventures

Alexandre Steiner est le fondateur et Managing Partner d’OiO Ventures dont l’activité consiste à bâtir des portefeuilles de participations minoritaires dans des entreprises innovantes pour des grands groupes. Auparavant, après des études en France puis aux Etats Unis, il...

Mathias Flattin
Directeur Adjoint, Siparex

Investment Director at Siparex Venture, Paris EXPERTISE IN : --> Disruptive Innovations & Technologies - IT, Cloud solutions - B2B Software - Industry solutions for security, modernisation, robotisation, services

Aline Hemmo
Consultant, Pilsoft

Aline Hemmo works as a consultant at Pilsoft, which she founded in 1997. She is also an admission officer in a top-ranked international MBA program, and a graduate of EPF Ecole d'Ingénieurs and HEC School of Management.

Alain Meller
Founder, NovaXone

Alain Meller has been the CEO of Kalabie, a software vendor selling to the Pharma Industry and was acquired by Agilent Technologies Inc. in 2007. Before that he cofounded Convergent Capital a VC fund investing in France and Israel, was Managing Director for E-business at ...

Ahmed Mhiri
CEO, TravelerCar

After several years as a software engineer specializing in computer security , I founded TravelerCar, the first car sharing platform between travelers at airports

Harry Gozlan
Executive Chairman, smartTrade Technologies

Harry Gozlan is the Executive Chairman and Founder of smartTrade Technologies. Prior to smartTrade, he spent 13 years in various trading positions. He served in rates, derivatives and proprietary trading at Citibank and was the Global Head of FX Options and Cash Treasury ...

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