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Mentor Progress Review

Mexico City Spring 2014 Semester

How do you present the business entering the last few weeks of the program? Is the presentation compelling? Can the business scale? How viable is the financial model? Is the plan to build the business realistic? Is the product or offering planned out well? Can the business generate revenue? What needs to be improved for the business to be successful?

Present your progress for feedback.
2014-08-13, 07:00 PM


Diego Solorzano
Co-Founder & CEO, Carrot

My name is Diego Solorzano. I am co-founder and CEO at Carrot, Mexico's first carsharing service. Prior to Carrot I worked for over 5 years in the financial services industry: Equity Research at Credit Suisse and Private Equity at LaSalle Investment Management. I ...

Luis Adolfo Gonzalez

I am a System engineer, and then 5 years later I did a MBA. I just work 1 year like developer in Ericsson, after that I decide to start my own company called QUITZE.

Guillermo Garza
Cofounder, Startup Mexico

Guillermo es un emprendedor mexicano exitoso en diversas áreas, fundador de Aurigam Growth Consulting. Actualmente dirige Startup México para apoyar el ecosistema emprendedor local.

Gonzalo Abascal
CEO, Linko

Gonzalo is Founder and CEO at Linko for the past 13 years, where he specializes in developing and managing strategic plans, new products, marketing and partnerships. Gonzalo earned an Entrepreneurial Masters degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Victor Chapela
Victor Chapela - Founder & CEO, Suggestic (Silicon Valley FI), Suggestic

Victor Chapela is Founder & CEO of Suggestic, a Palo Alto, CA based company that creates a symbiosis between collective intelligence and deep AI to revert T2 diabetes. Mr. Chapela has over 20 years of entrepreneurship experience. During this time, he has founded six techn...

Shai Rosen
Co-founder, Suggestic

Shai is an entrepreneur, public speaker, lecturer and consultant, with experience in startups, strategic development and digital distribution. Specialties: Entrepreneurship, business development, product development and online marketing. Favorite Quote: “A company ...

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