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Davis Graham & Stubbs
Startups face a number of unique challenges – from picking the right entity type to finding capital to hiring employees. Let us help you explore some of these legal questions with DGS-UP.

Rockies Venture Club
Our mission is to advance Economic Development in the Rocky Mountain Region by actively connecting investors with the most promising entrepreneurial companies.

Colorado Alliance for Veteran Entrepreneurship
We believe military veterans are hard-wired for innovation and entrepreneurship. We want Colorado to be a place where veterans have pathways to become entrepreneurial and business leaders.

Mentor Progress Review

Denver Summer 2012 Semester

Can you pitch your business in three minutes and survive the scrutiny of seasoned CEOs? How much progress has been made on the product? How viable is the business and the financial model? Can you present the business in a meaningful and articulate way? Does the business scale? Can the business survive?

Review your business with Mentors.
2012-07-23, 06:30 PM


Michael Clark
Michael Clark - Co-founder, (Denver FI), VSCO

Michael is the VP of Engineering for VSCO, the community for expression. He is responsible for the engineerring and devops organizations which build the mobile and web services which the VSCO community is built on. Prior to VSCO Michael was the CTO of

Kevin Fallon
Managing Partner, Breosla LLC

Kevin Fallon, Managing Partner of Breosla, has 30 years of business experience beginning at General Electric and RCA, and subsequently as a founder of four technology ventures. In addition, as COO with two publicly traded corporations, Kevin has met a broad array of opera...

Gary Gaessler
VP Sales, Nventify

Gary is a Cloud Startup Sales Evangelist. VP Sales @Nventify. Think "Pied Piper" for images :) Co-founder and previous Market Builder @CloudElements. VP Sales of StreamStep- acquired by BMC Software acquired in 2011. Co-founder of Voip...

Perry Evans
CEO, Closely, Inc., (MapQuest, Jabber, Local Matters)

Perry Evans is CEO of a start-up called Closely, Inc., focused on the real-time social media industry. Mr. Evans has led the formation and early-mid-stage development of MapQuest, Jabber and Local Matters over the past dozen years. He is active on the Board of the Demin...

Brenton Mix
Founder/CEO, FitGame Inc, TMG Marketing Inc

Brenton Mix is currently the CEO and Co-Founder of TMG Marketing and FitGame. He has founded or co-founded nine companies in the past 21 years and has held the title of Chief Executive Officer for the past 18 years at five different organizations. His businesses have ge...

Eric Remer
Founder CEO, PaySimple

Eric Remer founded and currently serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of PaySimple. Prior to PaySimple, Eric founded Conclave Group, a direct marketing services company, where he served as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Eric also co-founded and served...

Barbary Brunner
Principal, Promoveo Partners

Barbary's past roles have included Head of Marketing and Product Innovations for MediaNews Group, CMO for Experian's Pricegrabber business, VP Marketing and Strategy for Yahoo! and the executive head of Planning for Microsoft's MSN business. She's also received a patent ...

David Du Pont
President and CEO

A co-founder of Lefthand Networks, and now CEO of TeamSnap based in Boulder. TeamSnap is an Internet and mobile application for managing sports teams and other groups. It is the smartest, easiest way to communicate with players and parents, and coordinate ongoing activit...

Scott Yates
Co-Founder, CEO, BlogMutt

Scott attends to the business side of Blogmutt, and has done so at two other companies. The first time was with MyTrafficNews, a company that sold to in 2006. He then worked on LegislativeDatabase and returned cash to the initial investors and that company con...

Bradley Brown
Bradley Brown - CEO, InteliVideo (Denver FI) , InteliVideo

Brad is the CEO and founder of InteliVideo, a cloud-based digital asset referral and payment management platform. Brad founded TUSC in 1988 and sold to Rolta in 2008. Brad also founded IntelliReal (the top performing automated real estate valuation company) in 2005, whi...

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