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Mentor Idea Review

Berlin Summer 2014 Semester

Are you pursuing a viable business idea? Can you present the idea in a compelling way? Have you done sufficient research on the idea? Is there a viable market? What about about the business is likely to fail? How can the business be improved? Are you a good fit to build this business over the next three, five and ten years?

Present your idea for feedback.
2014-09-04, 06:30 PM


Jana Scharfschwerdt

Jana is advisor for startups and founders with her company Somea People Partners. She helps setting the right base for growth by working on a proper business model, getting the numbers right and helping to raise capital. After all she sets a proper foundation to form an e...

Adam Moalla
Founder & CEO, teambay GmbH

Adam is the founder and CEO of teambay GmbH, a workplace morale analytics platform that transfers traditional employee surveys into an online tool to intuitively track and improve employee satisfaction and solve employee social issues in the workplace from within. A Syria...

Christoph Sollich
Christoph Sollich - The Pitch Doctor, Startup Consultant (Warsaw FI) , Startup Consultant

Christoph Sollich is a freelance startup consultant specializing in business model generation, strategy, marketing and pitching. After writing his diploma thesis about “Virtual Communities” (old-school speak for “Social Networks”) and a detour through advertising (as ...

Weston Hankins
Founder, Footstep Ventures

Weston Hankins (29) is CTO of and co-founder of Footstep Ventures, a new Berlin-based startup. He is a pioneer of online tools that encourage real-world face-to-face interactions between individuals and a passionate believer in the power of the web to revolutio...

Stefan Kellner
CTO & Co-Founder, Allryder

Stefan Kellner is CTO & Co-Founder of Allryder, the ultimate urban mobility app. As a serial entrepreneur he's working on internet consumer services since the early nineties. Before Allryder he built companies like, a location based service that was acquired by...

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