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McCarter & English
McCarter & English, LLP is a firm of approximately 400 lawyers with offices in Boston, Hartford, Stamford, New York, Newark, East Brunswick, Philadelphia, Wilmington and Washington, DC. In continuous business for more than 170 years, we are among the oldest and largest law firms in America.

Vet-Tech is America's Veteran Startup Accelerator headquartered in Silicon Valley. With over 100 veteran led startups in its community, Vet-Tech's top 20 portfolio companies have raised over $10 Million in funding and have been accepted into world class programs like Tech Stars and Founder Institute.

Planning Solutions Group
Planning Solutions Group is a financial planning firm that specializes in developing innovative concepts for wealth creation and preservation. PSG is comprised of 3 partners with over 60 years of combined industry experience, a team of associate planners, and a dedicated support staff which includes two an attorney who provides advanced estate and tax planning solutions, and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) for the development of creative investment strategies.



The CONNECTPreneur Fellowship is awarded to the most extraordinary applicant from the  CONNECTPreneur Community, giving them the opportunity to enroll in the Washington DC Founder Institute for free. The recipient will be recognized as somebody with the utmost potential to become a successful technology entrepreneur.

The Washington DC Founder Institute is excited to partner with an organization that shares our goal of fostering a strong local startup ecosystem: CONNECTPreneur, a quarterly forum of 350+ top IT entrepreneurs and investors in greater Washington DC region. Through the CONNECTPreneur Fellowship, everyone from the CONNECTPreneur community is invited to apply to the Washington DC Founder Institute for free, and the best overall applicant from the community will receive a Fellowship to participate in the program for free as well ($1,650 value).

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for the CONNECTPreneur Fellowship for the Washington DC Autumn 2013 Semester, you must complete your application and admissions test by April 3, 2016, using this link.

Grant: The recipient of the CONNECTPreneur Fellowship will be awarded within 5 days after the deadline.

Click here to apply for the CONNECTPreneur Fellowship.

Mentor Idea Review

Washington DC Autumn 2013 Semester

Are you pursuing a viable business idea? Can you present the idea in a compelling way? Have you done sufficient research on the idea? Is there a viable market? What about about the business is likely to fail? How can the business be improved? Are you a good fit to build this business over the next three, five and ten years?

Present your idea for feedback.
2013-12-17, 06:30 PM


Benjamin Young
CEO, Nexercise

Benjamin is the CEO of Nexercise, a mobile platform that uses friendly competition and real rewards to motivate busy people to lose weight and stay fit. Prior to Nexercise, Benjamin was involved in several leadership and technical roles such as the Director of Products at...

Bill Draper
Founder/CEO/CTO, Dovetail Systems, Inc

I began my career writing code for the original Apple Macintosh in Motorola 68000 assembly language because there were no language tools available that ran native on the Mac at the time. I walked to school uphill (both ways), in the snow. As happens to so many software de...

Chris Parker
CEO, New Horizon Wines

Christopher Parker, Founder & CEO, New Horizon WInes Ltd, a UK wine importer and business development company - a combination creating the international market for fine wines of Virginia. We are the first company to generate exports of Virginia wines to the UK and Europe...

Kurt Baumann

Currently CEO of Kadoo a startup in the social video sharing space, we make it private. In the past I have founded the first TCP/IP (internet) software company on the Macintosh (InterCon Systems), the first commercial ISP in Japan (IIKK), was SVP at PSINet for Consumer pr...

Andy Louis-Charles
Vice President, Business Development,

Andy Louis-Charles is the Vice President of Business Development of CustomInk — one of the largest online custom apparel companies in the US — where he leads the company's strategic investments and partnership opportunities. Over his career, Andy has founded, managed, and...

Isaac Barnes
Chief Operating Officer, Eminent IT, LLC

Isaac Barnes is a serial entrepreneur that has had success in various different business ventures. He currently owns Eminent IT an award winning enterprise software and services firm based in Crystal City, VA that is bringing innovation to the US Government. Isaac started...

Shahed Amanullah
Co-Founder, LaunchPosse

A serial entrepreneur who has founded & sold several startups, Shahed Amanullah is co-founder & CTO of Affinis Labs, an entrepreneurship incubator for enterprises with positive social impacts in global Muslim communities. He is also the co-founder of LaunchPosse, a startu...

Judy Schramm
CEO, ProResource, Inc.

My name is Judy Schramm, and I'm the CEO of ProResource. Before starting ProResource, I ran a boutique marketing agency that provided small software companies with a full range of marketing and public relations services; this is my fourth startup - I have also run a retai...

David Greene
Vice President and Financial Advisor , Bernstein Global Wealth Management

David Greene is a vice president and financial advisor in the Private Client Practice of Bernstein Global Wealth Management. He advises high-net-worth individuals and institutions regarding investment strategies and works closely with clients and their professional adviso...

Jeffery Porro
Speechwriter, Porro LLC

At a time when the spoken word is more important than ever, Jeff Porro’s unique combination of talent and experience helps executives infuse the words they use with the power they want. Jeff is a speechwriter for Fortune 250 CEOs, diplomats, and other government leaders, ...

Brendan Robinson
Cofounder and CEO, Deconstruction

Brendan Robinson is the Cofounder and CEO of Deconstruction, which is bringing the Internet of Things to construction sites to manage noise, vibration and weather changes. An experienced construction executive and industrial engineer, Brendan has spend 14 years developin...

Jim Condon
Managing Partner, The CC Group

Jim Condon is the Managing Partner of the CC Group. The CC Group provides experienced, C-Suite professionals to deliver strategic and functional consulting services for technology companies. Mr. Condon has more than 30 years of broad based experience in running existing c...

Nancy Carter
CEO, Carter & Associates

Nancy Carter, CEO of her financial consulting firm, assists start-ups with developing business plans and investor pitches, sets up early stage company's financial operations, and develops the reporting infrastructure to help manage the company. Nancy has 20 years of expe...

Robert Schumann
President & Co-Founder, Quay Consulting

Mr. Schumann is currently Managing Partner at Quay Consulting ( where he provides consulting to startup companies as well as large media companies. Mr Schumann is a serial entrepreneur who has more than 20 years of experience in developing and marke...

Jacob Smith

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