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Girls in Tech Fellowship

The Girls in Tech Fellowship is awarded to the most extraordinary technical female applicant for each semester, giving them the opportunity to participate in the Founder Institute for free. The recipient will be recognized as a female with the utmost potential to become a successful technology entrepreneur.

The Founder Institute is committed to narrowing the gender gap in high tech startups, and in order to empower more females to launch technology companies, we have partnered with Girls in Tech, a global non-profit focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of women passionate about technology. Learn more about the Girls in Tech Fellowship program here

Eligibility: In order to be eligible for the Girls in Tech Fellowship for the upcoming semester, you must complete your application, be accepted to the program, and submit your payment by the Early Deadline listed on the top of this page. Any female who follows these guidelines will be automatically eligible - no further steps are required. 

Grant: The Girls in Tech Fellowship is awarded to the most extraordinary female applicant for each semester. The recipient will be awarded and notified within 5 days after the Early Admissions Deadline, and they will receive a full refund on their Course Fee within 1 week of the program start date. All applicants will be notified via email when the Fellowships are awarded.

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Mentor Idea Review

Istanbul Winter 2012 Semester

Can you pitch your idea in three minutes and survive the scrutiny of seasoned CEO? How viable is the idea itself? Can the founder present the idea in a meaningful and articulate way? Has the founder done the research necessary to understand the market and prove that the idea is valid?

Review your idea with Mentors.
2012-12-19, 07:30 PM


Sidar Sahin
CEO, Peak Games

Sidar is one of the leading examples of serial entrepreneurs in Turkey. He founded Peak Games, the fastest-growing emerging markets gaming company, in November of 2010. His previous ventures include Funpac, a mobile gaming studio which he set up in 2003; social video sha...

Ersan Ozer
Founder, Youlike

Ersan is one of the leading first generation Turkish internet entrepreneurs and a serial entrepreneur for content, social and matchmaking sites. He is the Founder of a variety of companies, including,,, and city based dating networks, i...

Hakan Bas
CEO, Lidyana

Hakan is a co-founder and CEO of Lidyana. Prior to co-founding, Hakan has co-founded two successful start-ups, namely Peak Games and Krombera Social Media Agency. Peak Games is now the world's 3rd largest social gaming company and Krombera is one of Turkey's m...

Onur Aydin
Country Manager, Groupon Turkey

Onur is the Country Manager for Groupon Turkey, as well as the Co-Founder and President of Bir Silgi Bir Kalem. He previously worked as a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group and as a professional at Toyota Motor Corporation in both Australia and Turkey. He has a...

Tayfun Uslu

Tayfun is CEO and co-founder of Dalf, an application development platform that eases the lives of developers while empowering them. Previousy, he co-founded, a social private shopping platform for conservative apparel in Turkey. Prior to that, he worked as ...

Mehmet Metin Okur

Metin is founder and CEO of Sefamerve, private shopping network for conservative apperal and cofounder of PaybyMe, a mobile payment solution. Previously, Metin worked in media and entertainment industry for 10 years, Dogan Grou,p and ShowTV. He is an expert in marketin...

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