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Mentor Idea Review

Israel 2012 Semester

Can you pitch your idea in three minutes and survive the scrutiny of seasoned CEO? How viable is the idea itself? Can the founder present the idea in a meaningful and articulate way? Has the founder done the research necessary to understand the market and prove that the idea is valid?

Review your idea with Mentors.
2012-06-18, 06:30 PM


Alicia Roisman Ismach
Co-Founder & EVP BD, SeerGate

Alicia Roisman Ismach co-founded SeerGate in 2007 with a mission to make payments simple, secure and convenient for Financial Institution customers. Alicia is a board member and serves as a key member of the executive team, contributing to the company’s strategic directio...

Eran Savir
CEO, Co-Founder, SeatID (and co-founder & board member at Kampyle)

Eran Savir, CEO and Co-Founder at SeatID. Co-founder and Board Member at Kampyle, former VP Marketing, BizDev and Product at Kampyle. Advisory Board Member at Folloyu. Business Consultant for start-ups at Businessify and Mentor at various ventures. Worked as a Senior Prod...

Ziv Koren
1st webee,

Ziv Koren, 1st webee @ Former CEO @ Cellerium, Head of Amdocs Venture, GM @ Menta Software and SVP Products @ TIS Main interests are in product innovation and product marketing.

Aaron Rothenberg
Managing Partner, Hitech Strategies Ltd.

I am heading a small business strategy consulting firm focused on technology companies of all stages.We are based in Tel Aviv with a great team of 12 members and do strategic consulting, business planning, and investment process management for start-ups as well as large h...

Boaz Zilberman
CEO, Project-RAY (previously Founder at Fring)

Boaz is the founder and CEO at Project-RAY, which provides mobile assisted services for the blind, and the founder and chief software architect at Fring, a pioneering company in VOIP. He has previously held roles as the founder and CEO of ExpertCall, director of product ...

Elnor Rozenrot
Co-founder and CEO, PingJam

Entrepreneur, leader, previous VC. Thrive on interesting challenges. Specialties: Innovation, business building, disruptive innovation, lean startups.

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