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The Institute identifies corporate supporters to reduce both the time and the costs of setting up a high tech business. Local partners are currently being recruited for this semester.

Mentor Idea Review

Fall 2010 Singapore Semester

Can your idea survive the scrutiny of seasoned CEOs? How can the idea be refined? What elements are missing from your idea? How can you improve the way that you describe your idea?

Review your idea with Mentors.
2012-06-12, 07:00 PM


Ann Burgraff - Rowell
Advisor / Mentor , National University of Singapore / Singapore HUB

Ann brings more than 15 years experience marketing innovative software and SAAS services. Ann has held VP of Marketing positions at, DoubleClick,(now part of Google), Informative (now part of SatMetrix) and others. Ann has been an advisor to companies such...

Kf Lai
Co-Founder & CEO, BuzzCity

Dr KF Lai is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of BuzzCity. Lai uses his entrepreneurial skills to spearhead BuzzCity’s strategy, leading the company’s engineering, product management and technology groups. Since its launch in 1999, BuzzCity has grown to be a leading...

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