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Davis Graham & Stubbs
Startups face a number of unique challenges – from picking the right entity type to finding capital to hiring employees. Let us help you explore some of these legal questions with DGS-UP.

Rockies Venture Club
Our mission is to advance Economic Development in the Rocky Mountain Region by actively connecting investors with the most promising entrepreneurial companies.

Colorado Alliance for Veteran Entrepreneurship
We believe military veterans are hard-wired for innovation and entrepreneurship. We want Colorado to be a place where veterans have pathways to become entrepreneurial and business leaders.

Marketing and Sales

Denver Summer 2012 Semester

How do you portray yourself and your business to the world? How do you tell the story of your company? How do you define your ultimate success? How do you attract the first customers and partners to your vision? How do you involve your customers and partners in your success? What are techniques to refine your messaging?

Identify and convey your positioning.
2012-08-06, 06:30 PM


Anke Corbin
Anke Corbin - Founder, CEO (Denver FI), Globig

Anke Corbin is presently the founder CEO of Globig. Prior to Globig, she was the SVP Sales & Marketing for Mobile and the VP Sales, Marketing & Content at MapQuest. Her experience includes being an entrepreneur as well as a variety of executive level roles inclu...

Manny Ladis
Co-Founder, SVP of Sales and Marketing, Dizzion, Inc.

As SVP of Sales and Marketing, Manny is responsible for the planning, execution and management of Dizzion’s sales and marketing strategy. He has more than seventeen years of hands-on experience in the highly competitive technology sector. Most recently, he was the Direc...

Paul Guerin
CEO, Rebit

Currently CEO of Rebit, Inc. in Longmont, CO. Previous roles include CEO Jabber Inc. (acquired by Cisco), CEO Intelligent Solutions, and executive sales and management roles at successful startups Digital Archaeology (acquired by Delano Inc.) , Torrent Systems (acquired b...

Denise Hulce
Denise Hulce - VP, Sales and Business Development (Denver FI)

I'm Denise Hulce and joined SendGrid as the VP of Sales and Business Development in May 2010 as the first non-engineering/go-to-market strategic hire. I'm an entrepreneurial executive, having played foundational roles in the growth and success of two other Boulder based s...

Rick Emery
Director - Business Development, Cisco Systems, Inc.

Rick Emery is currently the Director of Business Development for Cisco’s Collaboration Software Group heading up the development and implementation of new route to market strategies for this business unit’s collaboration offerings. Prior to Cisco, Emery was VP of Busine...

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