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Marketing and Sales

Summer 2011 Colombia Semester

How do you portray yourself and your business to the world? How do you tell the story of your company? How do you define your ultimate success? How do you attract the first customers and partners to your vision? How do you involve your customers and partners in your success? What are techniques to refine your messaging?

Identify and convey your positioning.
2011-07-19, 06:30 PM


Brian Reale
Brian Reale - Co-founder and CEO, Colosa, Inc. (Bogotá FI), Colosa, Inc.

Brian Reale is the co-founder and CEO of Colosa Inc., the developer of ProcessMaker (, a leading open source BPM & Workflow Software technology. Mr. Reale also co-founded Spotless, LLC (, an entertainment technology company that...

Allan Davis
Managing Partner

Allan is the Managing Partner for The Lamp Post Group in Chattanooga, TN. Lamp Post is an incubator responsible for 9 start ups since 2002, all of which are still thriving. Access America Transport was the first of the start ups to be named to Inc 500 last year. Lamp P...

Martin Schrimpff
Business Development Director, Pagosonline

Martin Schrimpff is the Business Development Director and Co Founder of Pagosonline. Having studied Mechanical Engineering with Management techniques at Edinburgh University, he became a serial entrepreneur starting 5 different technology companies. Martin was CEO of Siri...

Alejandro Recio
CEO, ARSolutions

My name is Alejandro Recio, im CEO of ARSolutions. I am a Mechatronics Engineer, I worked as Technical leader of Challenger, Project Designer and manager of Homevision, home automation business, afterwards I created with my brother ARSolutions. We won the @ of gold, fo...

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