Making the Leap from Employee to Entrepreneur

Date: 2014-02-19, 07:00 PM
Location: CoCoon co-working space, 3/F, Citicorp Centre, , 18 Whitfield Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Do you want to start your own company, but don't know where to get started? You are not alone. Every day millions of people wake up and go to jobs they don't enjoy, but few do something about it. Sometimes we all start wondering, how do we change the world and do something that we are passionate about? At the “Employee to Entrepreneur” event, you will hear the first-hand stories, tips, adventure, and inspirations from 2 very successful start-up CEOs. How do they grow from purely idea to a scalable company? What are the things the watch out for? How do they bootstrap? How do they figure out what market to focus on? What is it like to run their own companies? How do they get customers and revenue? When and How do they raise funding? When and how to hire the right talents? What are the challengers to overcome? What are the excitements and rewards so far? When do they go all-in?


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These are not theories, our speakers are real CEOs with real stories. Come with your colleague, friends, and partners and learn from these successful people. Time is limited, what are you waiting for?


Who should Attend?

  • Anyone who dreams of launching their own company
  • Anyone with an idea for a new business either launched inside their employer or independently
  • Anyone curious about being an entreprenuer someday


 What are some of the Topics?

  • What is the difference between being an employee versus being a founder
  • What to consider before becoming an entrepreneur
  • How do you know when the time is right to quit
  • What are the first steps in the entrepreneurial journey
  • and more...


What is the Agenda?

  • Welcome and Socializing
  • Introduction to the Founder Institute
  • Talks on Founding a Company
  • Questions and Answers
  • Discussion and Drinks


This event is free to attend. Join us for a fun evening! For more free startup events, visit http://fi.co/events.

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