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McCarter & English
McCarter & English, LLP is a firm of approximately 400 lawyers with offices in Boston, Hartford, Stamford, New York, Newark, East Brunswick, Philadelphia, Wilmington and Washington, DC. In continuous business for more than 170 years, we are among the oldest and largest law firms in America.

The Capital Network
The Capital Network is Boston’s Fundraising Authority. We bring together the area’s largest active community of investors and startup experts to provide you with the practical, hands-on education and personalized mentoring you need as you navigate the fundraising process. Our programs were created in collaboration with the investors who fund our area’s startups; they regularly participate in our curriculum development and execution, and share what you need to know, before you ask them for capital. We’re a non-profit organization, and our mission is clear: we are here to get your high growth startup smart and fundable.

Vet-Tech is America's Veteran Startup Accelerator headquartered in Silicon Valley. With over 100 veteran led startups in its community, Vet-Tech's top 20 portfolio companies have raised over $10 Million in funding and have been accepted into world class programs like Tech Stars and Founder Institute.

The Institute identifies corporate supporters to reduce both the time and the costs of setting up a high tech business. Local partners are currently being recruited for this semester.

Hiring, Firing and Cofounders

Summer 2010 Boston Semester

What are the right mix of skills that you need to launch a world-class technology company? Should you be looking for cofounders, team members, freelancers or interns? When should you plan to bring on people to help? How do you recruit and interview to find the best resources? What are the compensation guidelines in the beginning for cofounders and other various roles? How do you set expectations, measure results and remove or fire under performing resources?

How to find the best people.
2010-08-05, 06:00 PM


Doug Brenhouse
Cofounder, COO & CFO, MetaCarta (Nokia)

Doug and team recently sold the company he co-founded in 2001, MetaCarta, to Nokia (NOK), where he now manages MetaCarta’s Enterprise business. Prior to MetaCarta, he helped grow and manage the multi-million dollar composite material operation of MIT start-up Active Cont...

Sean Lindsay
Co-Founder, CTO, Viximo

Sean is Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Viximo, the largest independent platform connecting social applications with premium social networks. An experienced technical entrepreneur with a strong history designing and delivering new products to emerging markets,...

Roy Rodenstein
Founder, Going, Inc.

Experienced entrepreneur, innovator and technology executive as founder, board member and leader across roles at Going, Inc., AOL, IBM, iPhrase Technologies, and Simon and Schuster/Viacom. Startup advisor, angel investor and panelist at events such as Angel Bootcamp, Star...

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