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Spring 2011 Paris Semester

When is it realistic to raise capital for a brand new company? How should you calculate the amount of money to raise? How should you define the use use of proceeds? What materials are required to fundraise? How do you identify and qualify target angel and seed stage investors? How do you find a lead investor? What do investors expect from the company? What are typical investment structures and deal terms for seed-stage financing? How do you negotiate terms?

Plan to raise your first round.
2011-06-28, 06:30 PM


Francois Lavaste
CEO & President, NETASQ

Francois Lavaste is currently the CEO & President of NETASQ, a pioneer and the largest security software company in France. He began his career in technology in 1992 as a co-founder of Eneide, a CRM software company, publisher of CONSO+ (acquired by COHERIS); in 1996, h...

Jean Marie Chauvet
Managing Partner, LC Capital

Jean-Marie is a co-founder of Neuron Data in Palo Alto, CA where he served a a CTO. He co-designed and co-authored NEXPERT, the leading Macintosh, PC and workstation-based Artificial Intelligence and expert system tool. The company went public in 2000 and was later acqu...

Claude Rameau
President , France Angels

Claude is the president of France Angels, which brings together 80 networks of seed capital professionals and business angels to form economic dynamism in facilitating the growth and business development leaders. He holds degrees from Ecole nationale supérieure des Téléco...

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