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Spring 2011 Berlin Semester

When is it realistic to raise capital for a brand new company? How should you calculate the amount of money to raise? How should you define the use use of proceeds? What materials are required to fundraise? How do you identify and qualify target angel and seed stage investors? How do you find a lead investor? What do investors expect from the company? What are typical investment structures and deal terms for seed-stage financing? How do you negotiate terms?

Plan to raise your first round.
2011-07-01, 07:00 PM


Samuli Siren
Manager Business Development and Investments, K - New Media GmbH

Samuli is business development and investment manager at K - New Media GmbH. It is the eCommerce and venture capital subsidiary of K - Mail Oder GmbH, Germany's third biggest mail order company. Previous to that Samuli worked as a investment banker for over 5 years at...

Burckhardt Bonello
CEO, Found Fair Ventures

Burckhardt Bonello (39) is CEO of Found Fair Ventures - helping great founders build great companies like Returbo, Dealvertise etc. Previously he was founder & CEO of myBet (500M€ turnover, profitable) founder & CEO of sMeet - 3d virtual game 15m users , founder &...

Jörg Binnenbrücker
Managing Director, DuMont Venture Holdings

Jörg is the Managing Director at DuMont Venture Holdings. Previously, he served as the Senior Investment Manager for High-Tech Gründerfonds and Operations Manager at PWC. Jörg earned a master's degree in law from Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn.

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