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Spring 2010 Singapore Semester

What is the right amount of money to raise from investors? How do you raise capital for a brand new company? How do you identify angels and other seed-stage investors? What do investors expect from the company? What are typical investment structures and deal terms for seed-stage financings? How do you negotiate terms?

Plan to raise your first round.
2010-06-14, 06:30 PM


Chin Chao
Managing Director, Sirius Capital Management

Glenn Chao is the co-founder of the Sirius Growth Partners I and serves as a Managing Director of the Fund. Glenn is currently also a Partner at Venture TDF Pte Ltd where he has been since 1999. Glenn is also a co-founder and investment committee member of Venture TDF Tec...

Steven Goh
CEO & Co-Founder, mig33

Steven is well experienced in developing and delivering successful Internet services for consumers, having first founded Australia’s first online stock brokerage company Sanford Securities Limited, prior to co-founding mig33. Steven is recognized as an authority on contem...

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