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Cofounders, Hiring and Firing

Puerto Rico Summer 2013 Semester

What talent do you need in the beginning to be successful? How do you recruit the first team members with extremely limited resources? How do you conduct a thorough interviewing process? How do you compensate? How do you set expectations, measure results and remove or fire under-performing resources? Do you need a cofounder? Do you need to have engineering in-house?

Recruit your first team members.
2013-07-24, 06:30 PM


Jose Melendez
CEO, Spectral MD

Dr. Melendez is an accomplished leader in opto-electronic systems, communications, imaging and commercialization of new technologies following 14 years of contributions to Texas Instruments (TI) combined with 8 years of entrepreneurial experience. Dr. Melendez is a noted ...

Andrew Weinreich
CEO, MeetMoi

Andrew is the Founder and Chairman of location based mobile dating company MeetMoi. He's also the founder and Chairman, of the location-based services company Xtify. Previously Andrew founded sixdegrees, the original social networking site of 3.5 million members, which wa...

Luke Todesco
Luke Todesco - CEO, Gustazos Canada (Puerto Rico FI), Gustazos Canada

Luke Todesco is one of the original founders and current CEO and President of Social Media Group, the Parent company that owns and operates Prior to the launch of, he co-owned and operated Allied Steel Reinforcing and PRACG, LLC. In addition t...

Thomas Farb
Cofounder, EVP of Corporate Development & CFO, Atherio, Inc. (IT Services in US, UK & India)

Thomas Forest Farb has over two decades of experience as a an entrepreneur, a corporate senior executive, investor, board member and founder of over ten companies in technology and life science areas in Massachusetts, California, Puerto Rico and China. Tom is current...

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