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WeirFoulds advises Canadian entrepreneurs and high-growth companies on all facets of corporate law. We help our clients achieve their goals, from initial structuring of their business to advising them on securing financing through a variety of sources including venture capital and private equity funds, to subsequent exits through public offerings, private placements, and mergers and acquisitions.


Richter is a strategic accounting, business advisory, and financial consulting firm. We are at the forefront of the Toronto and Montreal business communities, supporting dynamic enterprises and emerging companies in their drive to succeed. 



Girls in Tech is a global social network, focused on the engagement, education and empowerment of like-minded, intelligent and influential women in technology.


Branding and Marketing

Toronto Summer 2014 Semester

How do you establish yourself as an expert in your field? What tools are used to follow important news and narratives? How do you identify and create industry narratives of your own? How do you identify and connect with influencers and journalists? What infrastructure do you need to be influential? How do you create content that attracts readers and commentary? How do you grow your influence in a market over time?

Establish market credibility.
2014-09-29, 06:30 PM


Scott Larson
CEO, Urthecast

Scott is the CEO of UrtheCast, a public company that operates two high-definition cameras on the International Space Station, giving the world's first interactive open-source earth-observation platform. Prior to starting UrtheCast, Scott's career in finance remained heavi...

Wendy Robertson
Managing Director, Assemble Inc.

Wendy is a Managing Director at Assemble Inc., developing innovation strategy, brands and customers for emerging technologies and coaching founders from idea stage to CEO status. Wendy is a serial entrepreneur, Founder at Rebuild (partnered with Mandrake), CEO and Co-Foun...

Aran Hamilton
President & Co-Founder, Vantage

Aran is the President and Co-Founder of Vantage. As one of Canada’s leading digital and mobile economy strategists, with a focus on predictive analytics, Aran has spent the past two decades working with retailers, payment networks, banks, and wireless carriers to shape Ca...

Jamie Scarborough
Co-Founder, Sales Talent Agency

Jamie is the co-founder of Sales Talent Agency, a Canadian company that finds quality sales people excellent sales roles. He has been in sales since the age of 14, with a couple of years of advertising copywriting and account management, where he realised that what he rea...

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