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Branding and Marketing

Atlanta Winter 2013 Semester

How do you establish yourself as an expert in your field? What tools are used to follow important news and narratives? How do you identify and create industry narratives of your own? How do you identify and connect with influencers and journalists? What infrastructure do you need to be influential? How do you create content that attracts readers and commentary? How do you grow your influence in a market over time?

Establish market credibility.
2014-03-25, 06:30 PM


Moira Vetter
CEO, Modo Modo Agency

As CEO of Modo Modo Agency, Moira Vetter specializes in B2B branding, sales and marketing effectiveness and alignment between internal and external communications. Modo Modo Agency has helped over 200 firms from Fortune 20 companies to early stage, high-growth ventures o...

Liza Dunning
Brand Manager, Scoutmob

As the founding writer, brand manager and Editor-in-Chief of Scoutmob, Liza helped a wi-fi company (Skyblox) transition into a new business model, building the brand from the ground up and growing a national brand to include 14 markets, launch new products like Hand-Picke...

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