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Osborne Clarke

We provide insightful and effective legal service to meet our clients' advisory, litigation and transactional needs. We help our clients gain competitive advantage in an international business environment that is reshaping to meet new digital, economic, environmental and political challenges.

Bootstrapping and Fundraising

Munich Autumn 2014 Semester

What are the various ways to capitalize your company in the very beginning? How do you ask friends and family for money to support you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of bootstrapping? What do local angel investors require before making an investment? How do you develop a target list of appropriate angel investors? What materials are required to raise angel investment? What milestones should you look to achieve next? How do you set your six month and twelve month objectives in the very beginning? How should you think about selling the business or exiting the business?

Capitalize the business.
2015-02-16, 06:30 PM


Stefan Lemper

Stefan Lemper is in charge of YOU IS NOW, the incubator of the Scout24-Group, which is one of the leading operators of online-marketplaces in Europe. After he started his career in consulting he was actively involved in the start-up scene since 2000 as employee, co-founde...

Nicolas Plögert
Managing director and founder, Opentabs GmbH

Nicolas is the Founder of Opentabs which helps you to order food and drinks with your mobile. Very useful if you have a venue where you have long queues. The end customer takes his mobile orders and pay his foods and drinks. When he comes to the venue, the drinks and the ...

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