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Startup Launch Grant Sponsors
The above sponsors participating in providing each 1 (one) Startup Launch Grant of Rp. 100,000,000.- in cash value to the startups graduating from the semester.

Kejora Ventures

Bootstrapping and Fundraising

Jakarta Winter 2013 Semester

What are the various ways to capitalize your company in the very beginning? How do you ask friends and family for money to support you? What are the advantages and disadvantages of bootstrapping? What do local angel investors require before making an investment? How do you develop a target list of appropriate angel investors? What materials are required to raise angel investment? What milestones should you look to achieve next? How do you set your six month and twelve month objectives in the very beginning? How should you think about selling the business or exiting the business?

Capitalize the business.
2014-03-03, 06:30 PM


William Tanuwijaya
Co-founder & CEO, Tokopedia

William Tanuwijaya is the co-founder & CEO of Tokopedia, the largest transactional-based open marketplace in Indonesia. William launched Tokopedia at August 2009, with the initial idea to enable Indonesian individuals and business owners to start and maintain their on...

Adrian Li
Founder, Managing Partner, Convergence Ventures

Adrian is Founder & Managing Partner at Convergence Ventures, a Venture Capital fund that invests in early stage tech. ventures in Indonesia. He is also a director at Imaginato, a mobile & web dev. firm and Qraved, Jakarta’s leading restaurant directory. Previously, indep...

Aston Goad
Foreign Advisor, Ivan Almaida Baely & Firmansyah Law Firm (“IAB&F”)

Aston is a Dutch qualified lawyer since 2002. He has worked for the Amsterdam office of DLA Piper. Aston is now a full time employee of the IAB&F Group and is based in Jakarta. IAB&F has a strategic alliance with the global business law firm DLA Piper. Aston has been ...

Antonny Liem
CEO, Merah Putih Inc.

Antonny has more than 13 years experience in technology and marketing industry, specializing in B2B and service/solution industry with 9+ years experience in management and senior executive position. He handles company and group operations, sales and financial management,...

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