Spiegel Sohmer

Spiegel Sohmer is a firm of attorneys offering state-of-the-art expertise to a diversified business clientele seeking solutions that are innovative, concrete, and pragmatic. Our firm groups some forty five attorneys who concentrate principally within three broad specialties: business law (including Intellectual Property), tax law and litigation.  Spiegel Sohmer has extensive experience representing companies at all stages of their life cycle, from start up through to exit, and also represents a wide array of investors.

National Bank

National Bank helps home-grown businesses expand by offering them personalized service and banking solutions adapted to their needs. We strive to develop integrated, diversified and innovative business solutions that will meet the needs of your business at every phase of its existence. We offer a full range of financial services to individual clients, SMEs and large companies. Whatever your sector of activity, our team of experts will be able to advise you and assist you with every stage of your business growth.

Product Development

Montreal Spring 2014 Semester

How do you plan to build a product or offering from the beginning? What are techniques to build a product roadmap? How do you specify what to build? How do you organize resources to build a product? What are strategies to estimate time and costs? What do you track to measure success? How often do you need to see milestones achieved? What are common mistakes when building product? How do you keep product progress ongoing when you have many competing priorities?

Plan to build your offering.
2014-06-26, 06:30 PM


Audry Larocque
CEO, iPerceptions

Audry Larocque, serial entrepreneur and executive, has helped create several successful companies in the high-tech, mobile and Internet ecosystem since 1999. He is now putting his business acumen to iPerceptions as President & CEO. With his previous venture, Neuraliti...

Danial Jameel
Founder/CEO, Forbes 30under30, OOHLALA Mobile Inc.

Danial Jameel is CEO of OOHLALA Mobile and selected as Forbes 30under30 2015. OOHLALA is a leading edtech company that works with over 200 higher education institutions in six countries. Danial has founded two companies previously (one exit) and is the winner of several n...

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