Presentation and Publicity

Fall 2011 Jakarta Semester

How do you get the world to take notice of your company? What are tips and tricks to present your business? What tools do you need to succeed with outreach? How do you identify newsworthy milestones? How do you craft a successful media release? What are effective tactics to get social media, the blogosphere and traditional media to take notice? What are common media mistakes for new companies?

Prepare for publicity.
2012-01-25, 06:30 PM


Andi Boediman
Director, Ideosource Venture Capital

Andi S. Boediman is a Director at Ideosource, a venture capital focusing on digital industries, including content, media, ecommerce and its digital infrastructures. Current Ideosource portfolio includes companies like TouchTen, Saqina, Gimmieworld & Kelir TV. Founder o...

Prita Kemal Gani
Founder & Director, The London School of Public Relations

Prita Kemal Gani is the Founder and Director of STIKOM The London School of Public Relations Jakarta. STIKOM LSPR was established due to her great concern over the lack of availability of PR professionals who are ready-made in Indonesia. Her passion to the world of educat...

Dian Adriani Noeh Abubakar
Founder & CEO, Kennedy, Voice & Berliner

Dian is Founder & CEO of Kennedy, Voice & Berliner. She is also: - Initiator Voice of Startups, or Public Relations service for Startups category, which is the first and only one offered by PR firm in Indonesia - Founder of ImpactForum - Indonesia Chamber of Comm...

Nanda Ivens
Chief Operating Officer/Partner, XM Gravity (Magnivate Group)

Peter Vesterbacka
Mighty Eagle, Rovio

Peter Verterbacka is the Mighty Eagle at Rovio, the maker of the ludicrously popular Angry Birds. Peter also a co-founder of MobileMonday, a monthly meetup to bring the players in the mobile ecosystem around the world together. From it's humble beginnings in Helsinki, Fin...

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