Naming and Positioning

Mexico City Spring 2014 Semester

How do you develop a good name for your business? How do you position the business with a name? What characteristics make a good name? How do you test different name candidates? What infrastructure do you need when you pick your name? Are there tips to finding a good domain name? What social media platforms should you look to get your name on? How do you develop a logo? Does a name really matter?

Name your business.

2014-06-25, 07:00 PM


Shai Rosen
Co-founder, Suggestic

Shai is an entrepreneur, public speaker, lecturer and consultant, with experience in startups, strategic development and digital distribution. Specialties: Entrepreneurship, business development, product development and online marketing. Favorite Quote: “A company ...

Carlos Ochoa
CEO, Chilango by the bay

I was the Sales VP @ Sm4rt Security Services and the Executive VP of Sm4rt Corp when we sold the company. I am a natural out of the box thinker, committed with objectives and great with relationships. My strengths (strength finder) are: competitive, strategic, activator...

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