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Creative and knowledge-intensive industries are vitally important to economic development and the City of Perth recognises the significant role that entrepreneurship and innovation plays in driving tangible economic outcomes. 

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Vision and Ideas

Perth Autumn 2014 Semester

What is a good idea? How do you come up with good ideas? Does passion matter with ideas? How can you tell what you are passionate about? How do you translate your passion into one or more business ideas? What basic tools should every Founder have from the start? What tools should Founders use to develop their ideas in the beginning? How does being a Founder align with personal goals, objectives and vision?

Develop a set of strong ideas.
2014-05-15, 06:30 PM


Justin Strharsky
Managing Director, Synaptor

Justin Strharsky is Managing Director of Synaptor, a company building powerful new tools to keep people safe at work. As a consultant to oil & gas companies in Russia and Australia, Justin has led communications, training, and technology projects to improve safety outcom...

Matthew Macfarlane
Venture Capital Investment Director, Yuuwa Capital

Venture Capital Investment Director at Yuuwa Capital, Matt is an IT start-up entrepreneur, and Chartered Accountant with international business development and M&A experience in telecommunications and multi-national data comms companies. Matt has worked in very large and ...

Craig Chetty
Co-Founder, Student Edge

Craig is a passionate entrepreneur and Co-Founder of the highly successful student organisation Student Edge. Student Edge serve their members with an offering around three core pillars of focus, which include helping students: - save money & manage their finances - fin...

Jeremy Chetty
Co-founder, Student Edge

In 2003, Jeremy Chetty co-founded Student Edge ­ a student services website and membership with three university mates. Today, the program boasts over 470,000+ members, 110 participating educational institutions and a growing list of sponsors and partners. Since incept...

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