Presentation and Publicity

Summer 2011 Denver Semester

How do you get the world to take notice of your company? What are tips and tricks to present your business? What tools do you need to succeed with outreach? How do you identify newsworthy milestones? How do you craft a successful media release? What are effective tactics to get social media, the blogosphere and traditional media to take notice? What are common media mistakes for new companies?

Prepare for publicity.
2011-08-16, 06:00 PM


Dan Daugherty
Founder & CEO,

Dan Daugherty is CEO and Founder of, a rental solutions company for apartments and single family rental homes. His experience includes four years with Google during which time he spent in various management positions including running the operations team for...

Anke Corbin
SVP Sales & Marketing, Splickit

Anke Corbin is presently the founder CEO of Global Igniter and SVP Sales & Marketing Splickit Mobile Ordering. Prior to that, she was the VP Sales, Marketing & Content at MapQuest. Her experience includes being an entrepreneur, having co-founded RAW Marketing Training, as...

Krista Paul
Founder, VP Marketing, UsingMiles

Krista is the Founder of UsingMiles, Inc., a loyalty management company that helps loyalists manage all of their loyalty programs in one place and find opportunities to earn and redeem miles and points in travel, retail and more. Krista's core competencies are in PR, s...

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