Sales and Traction

Kuala Lumpur Spring 2014 Semester

How do you identify and close your very first paying customers? What are best practices to charge these first paying customers? Should you charge more or less in the beginning? How do you develop a sales funnel or conversion funnel? What are some best practices to track leads and sales? How do you hustle leads and close the first sales, whether business licenses or consumer subscriptions? How do you develop a culture of sales and generating revenues in the early days of a new company?

Start generating traction.

2014-06-02, 06:30 PM


Ai Ching Goh

Ai Ching graduated in Experimental Psychology in Bristol and have since "experimented" with Investment Banking, Media at P&G, attempts at entrepreneurship and very recently, co-founded Piktochart, a web app to help people tell exciting stories from their information via i...

Fadzarudin Anuar
Founder & CEO, Fashion Valet

Fadzarudin Anuar is the Founder & CEO of FashionValet, an independent online fashion and beauty retailer offering shoppers the most reputable and upcoming fashion labels from around the SEA region. FashionValet is one of the largest online fashion stores in the region, wo...

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