100Vets is a national coalition of entrepreneurship organizations whose mission is to help launch 100 Veteran led startups each year. Built upon a collaboration between the Founder Institute, Tech Shop, Victory Media and Vet-Tech, 100Vets aims to proliferate startup resources such as expert mentors, corporate partners and funding to help veterans achieve entrepreneurial success.

The Institute identifies corporate supporters to reduce both the time and the costs of setting up a high tech business. Local partners are currently being recruited for this semester.


Summer 2010 Boston Semester

What is the right amount of money to raise from investors? How do you raise capital for a brand new company? How do you identify angels and other seed-stage investors? What do investors expect from the company? What are typical investment structures and deal terms for seed-stage financings? How do you negotiate terms?

Plan to raise your first round.
2010-09-30, 06:00 PM


Izhar Armony
General Partner, Charles River Ventures

I have been a venture capitalist with CRV for 13 years, and prior to that an entrepreneur for 9 years, so I think I have a balanced view , from both sides of the table, of what it takes to create a successful venture that is meanigful and can make a difference. I would l...

Bill Wade
Founder & CEO, Company.com

Bill Wade is the Founder and CEO of Company.com. Company.com is an online SMB lead generation and business social community that helps businesses save money, make money, and grow. Prior to Company.com, Bill served as the President, and then Vice Chairman, of Sage Paymen...

Doug Brenhouse
Cofounder, COO & CFO, MetaCarta (Nokia)

Doug and team recently sold the company he co-founded in 2001, MetaCarta, to Nokia (NOK), where he now manages MetaCarta’s Enterprise business. Prior to MetaCarta, he helped grow and manage the multi-million dollar composite material operation of MIT start-up Active Cont...

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